The Reviews


"The musical cavorts atop your screen as a short course in digital ingenuity and a hectic sprint through a major government screw-up"

NYT Critic's Pick

New York Times

"But to me, the big news is not the material but the staging, which takes online impresario-ship much further than I’ve seen it demonstrated heretofore."

New York Stage Review

“The ingenuity is compelling, from visual comedy as punches get thrown from one screen to another, to the energy of individual performers making their story jump out of the box.”

Sydney Morning Herald


“The performers act straight to camera and are all excellent, balancing the satire with an authenticity that makes the characters’ various flaws feel believably human. Though you are watching the show on screen, the performers communicate with the energy of a live musical and you are swept up in the story – a story which still feels very relevant given its themes around truth and fake news. If you love musicals and are aching to see a live show, this is a wonderful substitute. Don’t miss it.”

– Limelight


“WOW. Just WOW. I could actually leave it there but that wouldn’t do justice to this astonishing production…  The producers and whole team turned the calamity of COVID-19 into a triumph.”

Stage Whispers


“Visually and sonically, it’s a very sophisticated piece of work, several orders of magnitude more impressive than the Celebrity Squares of a Zoom-streamed production… If live-streamed musicals can be made this entertaining, then conventionally staged productions had better step up when the lockdown of our theatres ends.”

Audrey Journal


“An unprecedented achievement in musical theatre that sets the bar incredibly high for any streaming production seeking to follow in its footsteps… This is perhaps the most entertaining (and beautifully lit) Zoom call I’ve ever been witness to. Such entertainment is due in no small part to the brilliant cast.

State of the Arts


“If you enjoyed Wag The Dog or Curb Your Enthusiasm or Robert Altman’s work, you’ll love Baghdaddy. It has the irreverence, humour, acid seriousness, and profound respect for human silliness that characterised all those. More than that, however, the format and characters lend themselves quite brilliantly to the constraints of isolation… Who’s Your Baghdaddy is fun and scary by turn. The ensemble is … among our finest and the entire company pulls off a feat of theatre and music that is simply amazing. Don’t miss it.”



“A trailblazing experiment to be treasured, supported and admired, the live online season of Who’s Your Baghdaddy (or How I Started the Iraq War) is an imaginative blend of musical theatre prowess, devilish satire and technical wizardry. (Neil) Gooding’s vision for this online event is so well realised that it is hard to imagine the show working as effectively in a traditional theatre.”

Man In Chair